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Meet Nate Truman, One of the Greatest Collectors of Movie and TV-Inspired Cars in the United States

Can you imagine opening your garage and finding the Batmobile, the Mystery Machine and Herbie parked there? The biggest dream, right? Well, this is the dream come true of Nate Truman, one of the greatest collectors of movie cars in the United States.

Nate is in charge of finding, repairing, customizing, assembling and building these automotive beauties, along with his colleagues at Star Car Central, the association he created along with other Hollywood four-wheel enthusiasts, to present the cars and take exhibits across the country.

In general, the exhibitions seek to raise funds for different foundations, but the real reason to have an event featuring this kind of cars is for people to have fun, walk among the vehicles and say, “hey, I grew up looking at this car!”.

Star Car Central was founded in 2003 for all those who want to have fun, show off their "star cars" and spend a pleasant weekend with other car lovers.

Heart Of Hollywood Magazine spoke with Nate about his passion for famous cars, his process of building or rebuilding different models, the task of finding the best specimens across the country, and what it takes to be a member of the Star Car Central community.