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Asian Culture in the Fashion industry

There is no question that today’s trends include many different cultures from all over the world. Fashion designers are increasingly paying attention to these aspects and influencing their designs, creating more distinct looks. However, a culture that stands out among the rest in today’s fashion is Asian. We see its impact in many industries today like music, makeup, skincare, and especially fashion. This article will explore a few examples of how Asia has dominated today’s trends and taken over the western world.

For centuries, Asian culture has been admired and loved. Since the Roman Empire, the exchange of goods between Europe and Asia included silk, jade, hempen cloth, among other materials. The Mao suit was a particular costume brought from Asia and remains immensely popular in the 21st century. The red guards of China wore this suit in 1960, but it later became a fashion statement.


Asian-inspired fashion has played a more significant role in recent years. In 2015, the MET gala theme was called “China, through the looking glass,” in which we could observe important designers deliver their best pieces for this exclusive gala. For the first time, this gala showed the prominent influence of the country.

Photo: 2015 Getty Images

One of the prominent designers who jumped on this trend was Gucci, which started using dragons and tigers in their drawings. Not long after this, other brands began to do the same and use the same images in sweatshirts and other items.

Photo: Gucci

This movement seems to be going mainstream, especially now, with the big impact K-Pop has had in the music industry. Since 2010, Korea’s role in the beauty world, with skincare and makeup products, and the fashion world has been significant. With K-pop bands finding huge success, teenagers’ worldview has expanded, and their styles have been affected positively in consequence. Because of what K-pop represents, a fusion of music and style has become appealing and is being embraced by more people more than ever.

Photo: Instagram @bts.bighitofficial

So what we can take away from this article is that Asian-inspired pieces are here to stay. Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto is a great example of how these trends keep growing with his avant-garde aesthetic recognized by a bigger audience. Their power in the beauty world is not recent, though; they have just been expanding into becoming the number one choice for the younger generations.

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