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Actor, Producer, & Transformational Speaker, Charles D. Clark Was Tested & Found his Path.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Charles D. Clark is so much more than what you see above. I've read as much about him as I can find, but I hope we will all find out more on my YouTube talk show PopEnt with Colin Munro Wood.

Charles, I don't call him Charlie or Chuck without his okay, is a big man. I don't mean obese. I mean, he looks like someone you don't want to mess with, and at one time in his early life, that was most definitely true.

Charles's Early Life

Charles lost his father at the very young, innocent, and most painful age of six. Anyone, who loses their father, friend, and male authority figure, no matter where you are or who you are, will face difficulties in life.

Charles took to the streets and befriended a crowd that led him down a dark path for a long time. He became a gang banger, goon enforcer, and drug dealer.

For many years he was stuck in that vicious trap of a cycle. He endured repeated behavior against a justice system that makes it nearly impossible for any black man to defeat. Then, I believe he would say he changed his ways. Charles found himself in prison for almost eight years.

Eight years in any prison is enough to break a man and test his limits and his heart, mind, and soul. Charles used this time to discover who he was and cleared his mind to find the vision of what was coming next for him and why.

Clark The Mentor

Before I speak about his new life and his path to redemption and truth, the most valuable task Mr. Clark undertook as a former inmate should get mentioned. Charles knew that he could help change the lives and choices young boys and men were living and making.

Charles has helped lead many young folks back onto the right tracks of success and internal acceptance. Each person learns happiness and how to act right. He shows them how to treat others with respect and to consider who they are.

He shows them that they should not be afraid to be that beautiful human they were born as in the first place.

Charles D. Clark - The Actor, Speaker, and Advocate

I have to be honest with you all. This guy has more than earned his place in Hollywood as a voice of change, redemption, empowerment, and that's what it's all about.

Charles's acting, producing, and self-created film, television, and documentaries ring in at 45 credits. Yet, the earliest credit I see on his IMDb page is from 12 years ago. I've seen entertainers take 30 years to stack up that much work.

That amount of work, and the awards I'll mention later, tell you a lot. People love this man and enjoy working with him, regardless of his early life.

This kind of story is what we all love to hear and read. We each have our challenges and failures, and it is tough to create a new mindset and character and then take your life over, like a King who wants to have it all.

But, Charles is far from a selfish man. That previous statement might almost lead you to think that, but way! He dedicates too much time off-screen to helping others, giving multi-award-winning transformation speeches while being an award-winning social advocate.

Awards for acting, speaking, and advocacy. What's on your mantle? More importantly, what's in your heart? Charles's heart is solidly in love with helping others while playing roles, sometimes, of the type of guys he's teaching others not to be.

What a great way to show them examples of what Charles could choose to be like but doesn't anymore.


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The Credits and Accomplishments of Mr. Charles D. Clark

TV Credits

  • Empire

  • The Kevin & Nikee Show

  • The Good Life Show with Jon Robert Quinn

  • Deadly Women

  • Pivot Point

  • Greenleaf

  • For My Woman

  • House of Cards

  • Copycat Killers

  • Thou Shalt Not

  • The Perfect Suspect

  • What Really Happened (TV Series-CSI)

  • The Chi

  • The Diner

  • Who Killed Jane Doe?

  • Homeland

  • For My Man

  • Evil Stepmothers

This list is getting too long. Just go to Charles's IMDb page, and check them all out yourself. He has worked constantly in show business. How he fits his real-world life helping others in between, I don't understand.

I bet it takes incredible stamina, presence, inner strength, and a never-give-up attitude.

I hope Charles can make it onto my talk show this week or whenever it fits his schedule. Charles D. Clark is just the kind of human being I want to get to know so that myself and my viewers can learn from him.

Maybe, we can each find our path by learning from him.

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