5 Tips for traveling alone

Traveling by yourself has to be one of the best experiences you’ll ever have; it will allow you to have time for yourself and get to know yourself better. It has a lot of perks, like not having to follow someone else’s schedule, see the places you want, and not have to worry about basically anything for a while. Traveling alone is something that we should do at least once in our lifetime, so today, I bring you a few recommendations of the things I learned as a solo traveler that I believe will help.

1. Get a suitable accommodation.

It is very important, especially for safety matters, to make sure that the place you’re going to sleep in is a safe space; depending on where you are going, there are different selections for accommodation. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a five stars hotel, there’s plenty of very safe hostels, and if you are a woman, there are women-only hostels, making them more safe and comfortable. There are even hostels that offer you a room for yourself for a lower price. However, if you don’t find any of these types of hostels, I would recommend either renting an Airbnb or getting a hotel room. Sometimes, you’ll find a reasonable price, and you’ll feel safer. To discover plenty of Hostels, check out this website https://www.hostelworld.com/ in which you’ll find plenty of hostels around the world. Another recommendation regarding this is trusting yourself; if you arrive at a place and it just doesn’t feel right, listen to your gut instinct and leave.

2. Pack Light

It is crucial to make sure you don’t carry a giant suitcase, mainly because it will be very uncomfortable if you use public transport or travel to more than one place. Pack only the essentials and leave room in case you shop for something like souvenirs. When you travel light, you’re carrying fewer responsibilities, so make sure not to bring any valuable things like a laptop, unless, of course, you need it. Always take with you your identification like your passport, in case you need it, and I suggest you get a colored photocopy of your passport; that way, you can carry that copy with you, and you can leave your passport in a safe while you explore the city.

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3. Lie a little bit

When you find yourself on public transport or a taxi, don’t give too many details about yourself. Always say that you’re meeting a friend or a family member or do not respond at all. Sometimes people can be very insistent on their questions, and it’s better to sound rude than to give too much information. Still, the world is full of fantastic places; we just have to be careful and cautious about what we say.

4. Investigate the place you’re traveling to

Do your research and investigate the place you’re going to, don’t just arrive without knowing anything about the area. This is very important because, first of all, you will get to know what activities to do throughout the day and which places are worth visiting. You will also gather information on how much you’ll be spending, the types of transportation available, where your country’s embassy is, and other security matters. Overall, do a little research before arriving at your destination.

5. Be extra careful at night

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but at night is when most things happen, so you need to be extra careful. I’m not saying that you should avoid going out for a drink, but make sure you stay in public places, do not go around the less public areas of the city, especially if you are alone. Maybe staying in the city center is your safest bet since this is where most people are at. If you decide to walk back to your accommodation, don’t go into quiet, lonely streets, and if you have to, then I suggest getting an Uber or a taxi.

Traveling alone is one of the best experiences you will ever have; you can rest when you want to, walk as much as you like, and don’t have to wait or need anything from anyone. I speak from experience when I say traveling alone will help you grow as a person, you’ll meet many people, and you’ll have plenty of adventures. So, grab your camera or phone, take a lot of pictures, enjoy yourself but also remember to be careful; even though this is a great world to explore, it can also be a crazy one.

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