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By Tina Neumann

Was He an Angel with a bright light aurora around his head and body that caught my attention the first time I saw him standing in the dark room with people all around? He stood out so brilliantly.

Was this a sign that He was special?

The next time I saw Him, He and I were alone together washing clothes in a public laundromat at our apartment complex. There we were, one washing machine available, He motioned for me to take it, graciously. We began to talk.

Did He have any idea that He had touched me before by His bright light illuminating from his body? No. We kept talking and the more we talked the more interesting He became. I wanted to dig deeper into who He was. He asked me out for dinner.

I can’t remember where we went to eat. It is all a blur now but I remember the kiss afterwards. Phenomenal.

Within three months He, Allan Neumann, had a new job in Waco, Texas at a candy company as a chemical engineer. He came back to visit me in Knoxville, Tennessee during those three months where we got to know each other quickly. Phone calls nightly. Soon, I was in my first airplane ride to Dallas to live with my new love in Waco.

My mother was livid. Back then, it was a horrible thing to live with someone unwed so I was disowned until we married several years later.

Over time, with Allan’s engineering job, we moved to several cities in the U.S. Eventually, I went to nursing school and became a surgical nurse.

We have endured many ups and downs during our 37 years together. There is the fact that I am a recovering alcoholic. Allan’s daughter disowned us and we still have no contact with her or her two children to this day. We never had children of our own.


And my family disowned me because I moved to Tucson, Arizona for a better job and life. Because of these things we have come a couple of times close to divorce but our love has been stronger. He wouldn’t let me go and I wouldn’t let Him go. Plain and simple, bottom line, nothing has come between us.

I have been a songwriter for several years now. I was abused sexually by my uncle who adopted me as a child. My first song, LET IT GO TODAY, was my therapy song. From there I fell in love with songwriting.

I have written 500 songs now and I have many demoed, streaming etc. This does strain our relationship at times too but marriage is a constant give and take with Allan and myself. When I (or He) feel like I am spending too much time on my song hobby, I reel it in. And same with Allan with sports, or buying sports cars etc.

I know that we will be together until one of us is no longer here. Our relationship is as tough as nails and we have the years and life to prove it. Love and Respect for each other and faith in our future and in God has kept us together.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story.

37 years together with My Angel and more to come!




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